About Sogoli

“I wanted to create everyday jewelry for every woman”

- Sogol Tabrizian, Founder of SOGOLI

Since the young age of 9, Sogol has had a passion for vintage jewelry and exotic stones. Being raised in Tehran, her parents would buy her beautiful jewelry from the bazaar, wherein she would immediately redesign the pieces into something else suited to her individual style. Her creativity inspired her to turn a head piece into an choker, a brooch into a necklace, a necklace into to a bracelet, a bracelet into an anklet and so on.  As an adult living in Los Angeles, Sogol developed a strong background in the fashion industry. Drawing upon her experience, multi-cultural influences and her love of jewelry, in 2000 she launched her own jewelry line SOGOLI.  

Her irresistable designs have been worn by celebrities and models around the globe and have been featured in countless fashion magazines and television shows in the USA. 

Handmade in Los Angeles, the SOGOLI collection is a comprehensive line of sophisticated multi-purpose yet chic designs targeted towards a diverse population of today’s discerning women for wear from day-to-night.


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