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Posted on 10 August 2016

Our E-commerce Website is Finally Here! 

Since 2000, our products have been displayed in retail stores and runways all over the world. After years of demand, we created an online store to get Sogoli Jewelry right to your door. Our handmade products are designed with unique stones and beautiful details you will adore! What’s the best part of our products? All of the styles in our Classic Collection can be worn in many ways. From a necklace to anklet to a bracelet to a head piece, your options are endless with these elegant day-to-night creations! We believe in the power of multi-function jewelry and we can’t wait to see how you style our products. Want some ideas on how to wear our styles? Check us out on Instagram, @Sogoli_Jewelry for the ultimate inspo. 

Check back soon to see exciting updates, giveaways, and more! 


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